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Window Cleaning

Interior Windows

Whether you have sidelight or other glass panels, mirrored or glass walls, or windows looking outside, you’ve noticed that over time they develop a hazy, clouded appearance. When this occurs, a regular spot cleaning is no longer effective for keeping your glass clean, it needs to be squeegee cleaned from top to bottom. How long it takes for a haze to appear on your glass depends on how many people work in the area and what type of work is being done. But nothing will make your facility appear dirty to visitors faster than clouded glass. Whether it needs to be done weekly, monthly, or yearly, don’t forget to schedule regular cleanings of your windows.

Exterior Windows

Once or twice a year it is important to have all of the exterior side of your windows washed. We are able to clean exterior windows of up to several stories but we do not do not offer highrise window cleaning services.

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