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Hard Floor and Natural Surface Cleaning

Machine Scrubbing

We can perform standard machine scrubbing or specialty cleaning procedures on all types of hard floor surfaces including ceramic, concrete, and, stone floors. All of these floor surfaces over time will build up dirt and soil that won’t be removed by standard mopping. In fact, regular mopping will add to the build up with leaving residue of chemical cleaner and dirty water from the mop bucket. Floors should have periodic machine scrubbing on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis depending on the type of floor and the environment.

Grout Cleaning and Sealing

The best way to preserve the cleanliness and clean-ability of your grout is to have it sealed professionally after it is installed. Grout is porous and absorbent and it will discolor, stain, and carry odors. Even so, often times the grout can be restored to a clean and even appearance with the right procedures.

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Hard Floor Care, Polished Surfaces


Floors that are sealed and protected with a floor finish (still commonly referred to as “wax” even though there is no longer any wax in the product), such as VCT (Vinyl-Composite Tile) and Terrazzo, need intermittent machine polishing to restore the floor gloss and remove surface scuffs. Depending on the visual importance of the area and the type of traffic walking over it, a floor could be buffed or burnished daily, weekly or monthly.

Strip and Wax, or Scrub and Wax

When buffing or burnishing is no longer effective for restoring the luster of the floor, or when the surface scuffs and scratches are too deep, or when the floor finish is discolored or worn, it is necessary to redo the floor by either stripping or scrubbing and then re-“waxing” (applying floor sealer and finish). Stripping the floor will remove all or most of the previously applied floor finish while scrubbing will remove some of the top layers of the finish. The condition and the previous maintenance program of the floor will determine which process will be needed. Again, the frequency of how often this needs to be done depends on the visual importance of the area and the type of traffic that walks over the floor. It could be monthly, quarterly, annually, or every few years.

Alternative Polishing Processes

There are alternative polishing processes available for certain types of floor surfaces. They do not include the continual stripping and removing of floor finish but effect a more permanent shine from grinding and polishing the floor surface. This process is intended to last for several years prior to needing any additional maintenance. However, there is a much larger upfront investment for this type of procedure.