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Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning

If you are looking for business cleaning in the north and western Minneapolis suburbs, we offer a full range of contract cleaning services for all types of commercial facilities.

 Business Condos
 Office buildings
 Medical and Dental
 Industrial or Warehouse
 Churches
 Restaurants
 Retail Stores
 Condominium Associations
 Rental Properties
 Etc.


Request for Quote

The frequency of cleaning visits is determined by your needs, for example:

 7 days per week
 5 days per week
 Twice per week
 Once per week
 Bi-weekly
 Monthly
 Etc.

We are able to clean during any time of day to accommodate your schedule:

 Day time (1st shift)
 Evenings (2nd shift)
 Overnights (3rd shift)
 Weekends


And we will tailor the specifics of the cleaning to suit your needs, such as:

 Cleaning entrance doors
 Trash/recycling removal
 Vacuuming
 Dusting
 Sweeping and moping of floors
 Restroom cleaning and re-stocking
 Kitchen/break room cleaning and re-stocking
 Etc.